Flashback Alert

Lost and Found
A synopsis of Annie Mac Present’s Lost and Found Malta 2015:

  • Airport aggravation
  • Full body search and bag swab
  • Justo only just boarding the plane
  • No airport shuttle
  • The Formula One, mardy taxi driver
  • The entire population of Malta competing in a 3am marathon run
  • The flimsy bed
  • Poor man’s hotel
  • Being undercharged for lunch
  • The Rave Dog
  • Justo and Princess Norway starting the pool party
  • David Rodigan
  • Hiya
  • Justo telling me all about Jess
  • Justo having a secret cry
  • Losing money
  • Finding money
  • Angry Security
  • Pasquale
  • Georgie and her wine
  • Princess Norway being the last one at the rave…. With a boy
  • The film where no one spoke
  • Vicky narrating
  • Eating all the ribs
  • Dinner date No. 3
  • All the sushi
  • Flashing the masseuse
  • Bikini malfunction
  • Justo giving me the fear
  • Casual vodka
  • WiFi whinging
  • The chef that studied in Lancaster
  • Finishing it all off at dinner
  • Finding the shop on the last day

Lost and Found Night