Reunion with friends

Thank you very much for a lovely game of Loughborough! The last time we all had a proper party was at Finnigan’s 25th birthday. This instalment of the partying is just as funny.

Well what a lovely time we all had, particularly two members of the group who felt the need to include us all in their schniefing right in the middle of our dance floor area. I’ll start the synopsis of the Yeah Bye hockey reunion/leaving party for The Asian Persuasion at the beginning of Saturday.

Pre Prinks

Leygan bumps into Kookie and Livvy Long Leg at the Orange Tree. Celebrates by having an 11.30am Mojito.

KMF enjoys her afternoon swim before attending prinks. As it was included in her £35 room fee.

Lip Balm Addict claws a wall and paint goes down her nail.


Pollo Pizza, get out green peppers!

Nams arrives with her crutches and sock cover.

Foghorn sponsored by Hollister since 2007.

Prudence has a moments Whoopi.


Drinking games get polite. I propose a game of 20+1 instead of shot gun.

“I hate sand!”

Kookie feels there is too much ag in the air and changes the game to “I love Tour!”

Leygan – “Give the peg a chance!”

“Brum Scum that is where you’re from, you wish you were Loughborough and then you would have won!”

Culface becomes a selfish pegger.

Foghorn is wearing a bra.

Bruv was well and truly pegged.

Paparazzi Asian Persuasion.

Foghorn upsets Nams by heavily defending Brum Scum. “ Birmingham is a red brick.”

Laura McFail. Throws her drink on Leygan and has unnecessary chat with Bruv.

KMF embarks on a TC upstairs in the sink due to holding up the toilet queue.

“Are you having a lovely time?”

Mr Brightside sing off in the paddling pool dance floor:
“Jealousy all you Loughborough wannabes,
Watch us on our hockey tour,
When were bored we’ll win some more,
But it’s just a fact you see,
Count our BUSA trophies,
Loughborough girls in Rimini,
We are tour winners!”

The Posh Off

Who is more posh KMF or Soph?

Where were you born?
KMF: Buckinghamshire
Soph: Buckinghamshire

What school did you go to?
KMF: Cheltenham Ladies’ College
Soph: Only a Grammar School

What is your surname?
KMF: Martin-Fagg
Soph: Durkin

Did you have a horse when you were younger?
KMF: No but I used to ride!
Soph: No but I used to ride! He was called Benji

What are your parents called?
KMF: Roger and Penny
Soph: Michael and Michele, but Michele with only the 1 L


Wan carries Nams all the way to VV.

Scotty transports a bottle of Jager to VV in her pants.

Lisa Mafia is Id’d.

Bruv nearly gets thrown out for running into VV without paying.

There’s a hole in the VV dance floor.

Foghorn forward rolls across the dancefloor.

£1 Jager.

Schniefing round 1 occurs on VV dance floor.

KMF is pegged in the process.

Asian Fox receives a Jan anchor tattoo.

Lip Balm Addict has another nail incident, this time her toenail is kicked and proceeds to bleed on the dance floor.

We leave VV as it begins to fill with locals.


Lisa Mafia is upset at the hovel Chos is and would rather wee on the floor.

Leygan stashes her bottle of Desperados down her shorts for transportation to Chos.

Leygan then teaches Mel the art of stashing bottles and manages 3 whilst still being able to dance.

Schniefing round 2,3,4,5 etc. occurs in Chos in both the red and white room. Right in the middle of us dancing.

“Air hostess, I like the way you dress” and “C’est la vie.”

Scotty gets chucked out for ten pin bowling everyone and knocking over other dancers. The bouncers are not amused and Bex runs away.


Bella wears triple denim and leaves with her umbrella.

KMF is late to her organised hunch due to staying at Burleigh Court.

Ellie catches up with the Super moon news in Orange Tree whilst everyone’s dying.

Soph reads The Independent to catch up on current affairs.

Best night I have had in a very long time.


Where’s the peg?

A game to be played with friends at pre drinks or on a night out. Those wishing to learn the art of stealth or ninja pegging practice your technique on the Tube or at work.

Where’s the Peg Rules:

1 – There shall be a peg ratio of 1:10 people. However there shall be no more than 4 pegs in circulation at any given time
2 – The peg master shall choose one person to hold an emergency peg should it be required
3 – Respect the peg
4 – Those that vandalise the peg shall DIO their beverage
5 – The pegger shall not be caught whilst placing the peg, if caught they must DIO their beverage
6 – The peg master or a designated peg caller must shout where’s the peg before the pegged person either:
a) finds the peg within 5 seconds and re pegs without being noticed
b) DIOs their beverage due to being embarrassingly pegged
7 – The person who was pegged last gains control of the peg
8 – Give the peg a chance
9 – Do not misuse the peg
10 – Do not be a selfish pegger

Happy Pegging!