These bring back loads of good memories.


Dipper’s Grape Poem

I have just been sorting through my weemail and found one of Dipper’s delirious poems for her primary school children about a grape.

Grapes (seedless) not about the scratching in my teeth. Vibrant, violet, squidgy and sweet to taste.
Peel off the layers of the skin, to see what’s within, rubbery green like a pair of Hunter’s wellies.
What’s the point of going around the 5 senses, when in one bite its gone like a fruit Malteaser.

Frolicking in the workplace

Another weemail Asian Fox – Face…..Had a very important health and safety training course all day yesterday and we spent a good hour defining what it is to ‘frolic’ and how ‘frolicking’ can be detrimental to safety at work. I tried to tell them that it was a perfectly safe approach but they didn’t listen face.