The beginning of the end

I am currently going through a roller coaster of emotions regarding my imminent move back to Lancaster. I have been in Loughborough for the past 7-8 years and gone through many high and low points. Now I am actually leaving. I feel a little apprehensive with the whole moving back in with my Mum, but funnily enough I have actually acquired the master bedroom as I have too much stuff. That is until of course I sell my life on eBay before I go off travelling October/November time.

I have had a couple of moments where I have cried for literally no reason, stressed with the fact next week is hectic. I have to simultaneously move the office, move home, celebrate my 25th birthday and leaving party, say goodbye to the important people, attend Hey Ewe, Dubboro, FND, a wedding before finally jetting off to Tenerife. I know I can’t complain considering it is an action packed fun week. But it’s more the fact I am running out of time to reconsile my differences with some people and say goodbye. I am just hoping this can be done as planned. So that everything will work out in the end!

I have so many good memories of being here, sad that the past two years were overshadowed a little bit but I am working on mending that. The next 9 days I shall be saying YES to near enough everything. It is Leygan’s last Loughborough Adventure!