The Thursday morning feeling

Oh that Thursday morning feeling I always get after Hey Ewe; my friends will no doubt be accustomed to such a feeling. It’s a mixture of hangover, worthlessness, confusion, scrunchiness, ag and the need to withdraw from society (at least for the first few hours of the day.) I suppose it’s a similar feeling most people get when they have to go to work on a Monday.

I never used to get the Thursday morning feeling that much but that was back in the day I was able to go home with my girlfriend and avoid any unnecessary drama or at least stay in bed all day. Now I feel like unfortunately I am in the drama. I also feel the smack in the face of the aftermath of countless Jagerbombs and whatever else I thought was a good idea to consume at Hey Ewe. The feeling is ten times worse now that I have to get up and go to work.

I suppose I only have another 15 Thursday morning feelings to go until I finally leave the bubble, something I probably should have done two years ago. I wonder if I will miss them at all?

Operation Coin

On Saturday night, Dipper and I decided to have a closure weekend. To make the day more spontaneous we flipped a coin to make our decision making more interesting.

Heads = yes
Tails = no

It was decided that a shiny 10p would be the coin. This is how it went according to various Tweets and notes taken throughout the night!

Stage 1 – Operation clothes bin

Stage 2 – Operation return gym equipment

Stage 3 – Operation redeem 2000 nectar points
Do we buy the Sainsburys own brand orange juice after getting involved with a taster session? Tails
Should we drink cider? Tails
Should we drink spirits? Heads
Do we drink Smirnoff lime vodka? Heads (the coin made the wrong call)

Stage 4 – Operation lightning
Do we watch the Loughborough Lightning netball game? Tails
Do we watch the Loughborough Lightning netball game whilst getting drunk? Heads
Would you want to be in a fight with the GD (Hutchinson)? Tails
Has the netball equivalent of Hope Powell entered the building? Heads
Is Hertfordshire’s WD the netball equivalent of Courtz? Heads
Do we leave after the 3rd quarter as the game is rubbish? Heads

Stage 5 – Operation make friends with the players parents
Should we go and dance with the lion mascot? Tails
Should Leygan casually crack open a Gin and Tonic? Heads
Should Dipper coach Steaders on the double dodge and other netball moves? Heads
Should Leygan turn around to complain about the 3 year old boy kicking her chair? Tails
Should Dipper flirt with the Lightnings C? Heads

Stage 6 – Operation get Leygan’s technical skills out to fix the Lightning’s video camera
Should Leygan and Dipper get their netball tekkers out? Tails

Stage 7 – Operation drive down the tram track to get to Nandos
Shout beanbag at Fuddy? Heads

Stage 8 – Operation optical illusion car park (can’t tell if we are going up or down)

Stage 9 – Operation seductive pout parking

Stage 10 – Operation switch biased coin
Does Lime flavoured Smirnoff vodka taste like what can only be described as illuminous Calpol? Heads
From now on should Leygan only speak German to Sinbad? Heads

Stage 11 – Correction on past objective stage 10

Stage 12 – Operation Dipper wait for Leygan in queue as Leygan did not have queue jump….annoying
Should Dipper dance like a flickering strobe light? Heads

Stage 13 – Operation shots yeah bye
It must also be noted that this is where some drunk texting occurred which have been duly noted on the New Year resolution fine list. However texts to McJan do not count according to Twitter!

Stage 14 – Operation chicken
Should Leygan cook Dipper a gourmet chicken sandwich at 5am? Heads
Should Leygan let Nigel the house rabbit out of its cage to roam free around the house? Heads
Should the electric blanket be used? Heads