The Thursday morning feeling

Oh that Thursday morning feeling I always get after Hey Ewe; my friends will no doubt be accustomed to such a feeling. It’s a mixture of hangover, worthlessness, confusion, scrunchiness, ag and the need to withdraw from society (at least for the first few hours of the day.) I suppose it’s a similar feeling most people get when they have to go to work on a Monday.

I never used to get the Thursday morning feeling that much but that was back in the day I was able to go home with my girlfriend and avoid any unnecessary drama or at least stay in bed all day. Now I feel like unfortunately I am in the drama. I also feel the smack in the face of the aftermath of countless Jagerbombs and whatever else I thought was a good idea to consume at Hey Ewe. The feeling is ten times worse now that I have to get up and go to work.

I suppose I only have another 15 Thursday morning feelings to go until I finally leave the bubble, something I probably should have done two years ago. I wonder if I will miss them at all?