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Today has been a difficult and somewhat frustrating day. I’m having issues accessing certain sites or information which proves how reliant we have become on technology and the internet. Writing this blog alone has sent me down four dead ends!

I am all for protecting copyright and all other associated protection particularly due to my background as a designer but we need to remember that sometimes music, films, photography, art etc becomes big news when it is plastered all over the internet whether it was ‘allowed’ to or not.

Today’s blackout to protest over the SOPA legislation makes me think about those people who really are censored from what is going on in the world. People are whinging about Wikipedia being down for one day. Can you imagine what it would be like to be in North Korea where the information you are given over an intranet system is selected for you! It brings a whole new dimension to the meaning freedom of information.

Essentially we only know what we get told, i’m sure there are millions of things that ‘normal’ people are protected from for whatever reasons and i don’t think that America should be adding another level of complexity to this. I think we are moulded enough by news, television and advertisements that i would like to make my own decisions as to what i want to be blocked from.


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