Tune of the week


Mysterious text

As it is Thursday, my favourite hangover day I am a little bit more paranoid than usual. I’m cheekily trying to switch between Twitter and Facebook whilst pretending to do work. But lets be honest me procrastinating when slightly intoxicated is best for everyone, considering I design and develop medical devices for a living!

Anyway to the point of my story; do you know when you are typing away at the computer about some sordid experience the night before and the text doesn’t actually appear where you thought you were writing it? Well this has happened several times today and I’m wondering where does the mysterious text go? I’m hoping my vivid description of last night has vanished into cyberspace otherwise it could be on one of the following things I have worked on today!

November financial accounts
Patent records
A letter sent to a hospital
An email to either the CEO or my boss
Stock records
Audit report
Saved in a random place on my computer

To make matters worse I think I have bought the wrong train tickets for my meeting in London tomorrow. I knew being banshee last night was a mistake!

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