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Party with friends

A few weeks ago I went to Finnigan’s 25th birthday extravaganza! I think I have only just about recovered from the party hence the delay in posting this blog. To summarise these are my highlights:

The Jager Tent

Unnecessary games of vodka beer pong! Wooldridge getting irate for being behind, even though it was her who was not contributing to successfully/drunkenly getting the ball in the cup.

The Bonfire

Initially we all were a little bit cocky standing a few metres away from the fire, after a couple of minutes we ended up standing in the bushes to escape the heat.

Culface introduced me to her new lady as “this is Leygan, as its Leighan with a G” whilst doing some sort of rappers dance.

Bluntface decided to play a game of would you rather drown or fall flat on your face in the bonfire. This followed with further conversations on how we each wanted to die.

Leymile’s rendition of ‘Shot you down’ sang over the phone twice to Soft Hair just in case it went to answer phone! It went along the line of this:

Interlude *Firework
Bang bang, he shot me down
Interlude *Firework
Bang bang, I hit the ground
Interlude *Firework
Bang bang, that awful sound
Interlude *Firework
Bang bang, my baby shot me down
down down d-down……

The Marquee

Fancy dress karaoke where Louis Walsh, Justin Bieber, a banana etc made an appearance.

18 bottles of Jagermeister were consumed. “Does everyone want a Leygabomb?”
1x shot of red bull
1x glass of Jagermeister
“Yes!” Everyone passes out!

An unnecessary and overdramatic argument with The Asian Persuasion! Comical throwing of chairs and drunken stumbling away back to the dance floor.

Bluntface pulling the birthday girl’s brother.

Passing out and sleeping behind the DJ booth.


Portaloos that are bigger and nicer than my houses!

Scaling the rockery near the pool house to fall from the top and stabbing my leg with some sort of rock/branch.

The Tidy Up

Fisting the vodka luge to wash ones hands.

We have found a niche in the market providing cleaning services whilst wearing fancy dress. Whilst completing the chunder clean there was a delivery for Finnigan!


Copyright © Leygan 2011


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