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After reading various news articles today about the birth of the 7th billion person it raises questions such as are there really 7 billion of us? And when are statisticians going to bore off with incorrect figures?

I’m tired and bored of institutions and governments giving statistics that are quite frankly bullshit! Different sources have predicted when the 7th billion person would be born ranging from today 31st October to next year! Slightly inconsistent. Maybe it’s to do with my OCD in actually wanting to know the real answer as opposed to something that is made up in the interest of society! I have similar issues with the topics we were taught at GCSE to only find out when studying A Levels or a degree that the stuff we learnt at school was wrong!

My issue is not essentially estimating that there are 7 billion of us but more pin pointing it to someone whether it’s symbolic or not and having countless articles using this kid as some sort of show pony.
Instead of articles on who the 7th billion person is maybe there should be a little more focus on whether the Earth can actually support an ever increasing world population. But i’m sure at some point we’ll get countless estimated stats scare mongering us that its the end of the world!

7 Billion, National Geographic Magazine from Jamie Lee Godfrey on Vimeo.


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