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Market day

There is nothing worse in Loughborough, than market day!

Firstly you have old people that are only out because they haven’t got anything else to do, yet they don’t buy anything. Instead they walk at snails pace and inconveniently equidistant from stalls so there is no way of sneaking past them.

Secondly you have people selling the most useless shite! “Hmmm yes I know what will look absolutely fetching in my garden, a 2 pound concrete hedgehog or better still for 8 quid I could buy a grave stone. Sure!

Thirdly you have those people you walk around with the look of intent, and then come to an almighty halt just as you are behind them. You then ending up bumming them or knocking a poor old dear over that should have stayed at home.

And then there are the locals, I think this description is enough for my friends, but for those of you that have not been tainted by a Thursday or Saturday day trip to Loughborough imagine a Jeremy Kyle street carnival.

On top of this it’s either pissing it down or baking hot and ridiculously bright it makes you want to buy the 50p, will snap as soon as you pick them up sunglasses.

Rant over and no I’m not hungover!

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