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Be who you want to be

I appreciate alot that my friends embrace me for being me. The following is a range of my random qualities and abilities that i love.

I am:
– Slightly mental
– Mainly drunk or hungover
– A wildcard addict
– A worrier about whether the gas is turned off
– Sarcastic (excellent at keeeping a straight face)

I can:
– “Do things different to others” – Thanks lip balm addict
– Live for a week after 4 hours sleep (maybe less)
– Self funnel
– Rave in a variety of weather
– Write 2 dissertations in less that 3 days
– Get locked in a train station during a night out
– Liberate heavy street furniture
– Tell my friends i love their faces without actually speaking
– Perform an excellent Caribbean accent
– Spend a months salary in an hour
– Go out 23/25 nights and still go to work

Plus much much more.

Copyright © Leygan 2011


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