If only you came back earlier last year!!


Ways to die

Ways to die…

My lovely time silent disco friend decided to have a mass room clean saying GET OUT to the majority of her belongings. She came across the original receipt with 18 ways to die on it. These points were decided whilst hungover at a 3+1 gathering.

– Q
– Shagged to death
– Laugh your head off
– Lime to death
– Funnel
– Mash/Mashed (no cheese)
– Flapped
– Gashed
– Sudden death beer pong
– Hiccupped
– Shot
– Danced
– Poked
– Tickled
– Sloooooow moooooo
– Chicken
– Aga

P.s. could you possible Liv twice.

I would also like to add to this that after leaving the hunch location i managed to completely stack it throwing myself over a traffic bollard. Amazing hangover day.

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The special artist and Skype

Reasons as to why her skype doesn’t work:

1 – She speaks into a pillow

2 – She only shows her forehead / lack of understanding to where the camera is

3 – She closes the laptop mid conversation

4 – She walks around with the laptop making everything blurry

5 – She shouts and blames everything on the dog

6 – She is Superwoman / freezes then runs around the house

7 – She shouts at us for not speaking then ignores us when we do

8 – She cannot follow simple instructions to not touch her laptop

9 – She has a tremour

10 – Whilst telling her the above 9 points she mysteriously vanishes, probably pressed the wrong button or closed the laptop again

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The idiotic man

Today i spent 5 hours on a train so i could attend my 30 minute meeting in Leeds, a great start to what i wanted to be a productive week. I was having a lovely day frolicking around in the sun, that is until i had to sit next to the idiotic man on the train. He annoyed me for three reasons:

1 – He sat next to me when there were many empty seats in the carriage. It became that awkward moment when i really wanted to get up and move.

2 – He was shouting down his mobile phone. Why shout in the first instance? And also why shout in the quiet zone carriage? Absolutely ruining my day.

3 – He wasn’t content in being loud, he then decided to shout down the phone to his wife that he believed everything above Birmingham is a “poverty stricken shit hole.” It did not go down well, for those of you that know me well he has been added to the list.

But then again he was from Bristol, so where he might believe i come from a shit hole at least i don’t have one of the most offensive British accents.

This is Lancaster where i am from, still not really seeing his point but i will let you decide.

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Flower patch perfume

Asian Fox – “Just had bbq for luncheon – was a treat. I now smell like campfire though.”

Me – “Tooth needs to get out, as does your bbq stench.”

Asian Fox – “Tooth does need to get out. My bbq stench has been overpowered by this ridic automated air freshener in the office – it’s horrendous, I smell like a flower patch.”

My dream job has always been to work for Lego, whether it be as a designer, marketer or master builder. I would love to come up with the new ideas that would bring such a fantastic toy to the younger generation. Sharing and building on the lovely times I had coming up with architectural masterpieces at the age of 7.

In all honestly if I had room to play with my Lego still I would, I can quite happily entertain myself for hours. The solution to the lack of Lego in my life and no current opportunity to work there (which seems only to exist in Mexico at the moment) is these storage boxes. I am hoping that they manage to firstly hide the mess/bonfire in my newly moved into home and secondly to allow me to create a retro focal point.

I have gone a little Lego mad though, which is bringing out my inner geek. I have also found myself reminiscing about Legoland Windsor and as sad as it may be I have my Legoland drivers license.

Oh the cool things you can do…